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You always call your doctors practice after the consultation hours?

You generally miss the opening hours and still need an appointment, but have no desire to speak to the answering machine?

You dont want to call your doctors practice in front of your collegues, on the bus or in the train?

You want documents such as X-Rays or medical records, received from your practice via chat? … And not showing up there every time?

You want to chat with your practice as you do with your friends?

Thats what we thought and why we founded Kanonhealth

We have developed our own messenger, meeting German data privacy protection requirements with approved medical doctors. With Kanon Health, you can chat with your practice and send and receive documents via chat. Privacy compliant, safe and convenient!

You need an appointment, a prescription, a laboratory result, or a medical referral? If you have an issue, talk directly to your practise by chat, no matter if you are on the bus, in the train or at your workplace.

Kanon health enables you to save your medical record, such as documents, physicians letters, X-Rays or notes directly on your phone and have them with you all the time.

You can make these documents available to your doctor at any time digitally, without having to show up at the practise in person.

You can communicate with your physician when you are on vacation, at your workplace or at home – without having to wait or being dependent on opening hours.

Your doctor will be reachable for you, from anywhere and at anytime.

THE app that enables direct communication throughout the whole health care system

With Kanon Health you can write your practise or consult your doctor.

Your physician can use Kanon Health to communicate with his collegues to enable the best treatment for you.

Physicians and doctors practices have the possibility to contact other doctors offices, for example to request missing documents.


Guaranteed data protection

The protection of your data is important to us. Therefore we strictly adhere to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Deutschland Cloud

We only use servers in Germany and work with the Open Telekom Cloud (Deutsche Telekom)


We encrypt data according to AES256
(military standard)


We offer maximum protection through end-to-end encryption according to “Open Whisper Protocol”



Kanon.Systems GmbH
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22041 Hamburg

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